The Past

I’ve been involved in computers and computer repair since my first family computer, an Apple II in the mid 1980’s.

In the 90’s I spent my time in college fascinated by the internet and over time watched it change from a text-based interface into what we know it is today.

After going to work for a Department of Defense-funded MIT-staffed research facility for a number of years I worked for a number of tech companies, including a major anti-virus software vendor, a digital video editing startup and a voicemail server vendor for a major wireless telecommunications carrier.

The Present

Though these years I came to notice a lack of competent, affordable and honest technical services in the suburban community. Through word of mouth I found laptops and desktops waiting for me to be repaired when I came home from my regular job. I received emails from friends and family asking for assistance during meltdowns, questions about security and nearly all other technical matters.

With more than twenty years of tech experience, it’s time to give back to the community by being a resource where none exists.

That’s what were all about, a local technical resource in the community.